This is a really simple one but surprisingly few people know it... the best way to thoroughly clean and oil your chain:

Simply dump the chain into a bucket of kerosene or petrol, swish it around and i guarantee your chain will come out glimmering and crud free! to re-oil, use the same process but with chain oil instead... this is much more effective than dripping oil on the chain as it gets into every nook and cranny when its fully submerged... stay tuned for more mechanics top tips next month! thanks for looking!

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  • Rob says...

    Hit him Chewie!

    July 06, 2015

  • chewie says...

    also, eoin. if you’re trying to leave anonymous comments, better to not use parlance like “one” and “methinks” …its a dead giveaway

    March 09, 2015

  • chewie says...

    hi and thanks for your anonymous input. chains are actually factory assembled dry and then subsequently greased, so no, this method will not affect “essential interlink grease” as it does not actually exist! also, crud stuck in the internal workings of the links would be much more abrasive and detrimental to your chain, so proper cleaning is much better for your bikes health! as outlined, the chain is submerged in chain oil after cleaning, this method of cleaning and oiling will return your chain to a “good as new” factory finish.

    March 09, 2015

  • Me says...

    Does this not just dissolve the essential inter link grease between the links and destroy the workings of the chain? While the outside maybe spotless the inside will suffer a kind of ‘dry socket’ and wear away. A tad over kill unless one was up to their bottom bracket in gunge me thinks. Surly chain cleaning should focus only on the exterior dirt.

    March 06, 2015

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